THINK! RoundTable™

IMG_0062Grounded in the principle that collaboration solves problems. Today’s CIOs, IT Sourcing and Vendor Managers must be able to transition their roles from that of senior technology manager to strategic business resource for their companies. This forum will give you access to expert thought leadership to make that transition.

Membership in the THINK! RoundTable™ delivers an ongoing series of business dialogues at which CIO’s (chief information officers) and top-level IT Sourcing and Vendor Management executives of Australian business share new insights. The outcome is to drive disruptive thinking amongst members in order to lead and empower the role of IT Sourcing, Vendor Management and Third Party Culture Alignment so that their businesses exceed current business challenges.


Through the THINK! RoundTable™, members have access to Agostino Carrideo, Founder and CEO of BTM Group who is a #1 Amazon Best Seller Author in Vendor Management (August 2015), industry leading-edge thought leadership and commentators, a ready supply of valuable expertise through exclusive market intelligence, as well as networking and professional development opportunities for themselves and their team members.

So How Does THINK! RoundTable™ Work?

  • The THINK! RoundTable™ is a monthly mentoring forum for IT  leaders
  • We are NOT a Tech Forum
  • Membership is open to IT Department Leaders (CIOs, IT Directors, IT Sourcing and Vendor Managers etc). Vendors may be invited where topic is focused on third parties culture alignment
  • Each month, we tackle an issue of current relevance to our members. Members share their experience, lessons learned and insight on the topic in roundtable fashion
  • Members have access to a members-only Facebook page which allows them to continue to share knowledge and insight after the meeting
  • The THINK! RoundTable™ was founded on the concept that IT Sourcing and Vendor Management leaders of mid-large sized companies often work in a vacuum. . . Not any more. YOUR IT Vendor Management Advisory Board convenes in 2016!


The THINK! RoundTable™ includes members from many different industries and specialties, including:

  • Distributers
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Sales Organisations
  • Healthcare Organisations
  • Manufacturers
  • Financial Companies
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Education

There a few ‘prerequisites’ for membership. They consist of:

  • The member must be the senior manager of his/her IT Sourcing or Vendor Management function.
  • New members may not pose a ‘competitive’ risk to existing members – This allows for free flow of information and ideas.
  • Our members come to these meetings to learn and share ideas in an open forum.

When does the THINK! RoundTable™ meet?

  • The Roundtable currently meets on the third Wednesday in Melbourne CBD location of each month (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Our meetings are generally from 8:15 until 11:30am. Breakfast is served.
  • Our members take turns hosting one meeting per year at their company office spaces (or nearby meeting location). This gives our members a chance to learn more about their colleagues’ businesses.
  • Meetings are held throughout the year in Melbourne where registered membership numbers meet minimum requirements.

Members are drawn from different industries to share their perspectives on a specific IT Sourcing, Vendor Management and Digital Disruption business issue and wrestle with concerns common across sectors. The THINK! RoundTable™ also invites two or three leading academics who bring examples from industries other than those represented and provide any theory needed. Participants are expected to bring their best practices, share their key issues and strive to generate new insights to business problems together. Recent topics include nurturing innovation, collaborative leadership, strategic partnering and working in emerging markets.

Each THINK! RoundTable™ results in a written summary distributed to participants in a timely manner.

Become a Member! Benefits of membership include:

  • Membership in the area’s only forum dedicated to IT Sourcing and Vendor Management strategic issues facing IT leaders.
  • The Roundtable Focus – recorded feedback from roundtable members on issues that you bring to the table.
  • Access to an online ‘members only’  Facebook page and issues forum.
  • Ability to network regularly with other IT Sourcing and Vendor Management leaders – discuss ideas, issues, challenges in an informal setting.
  • Access to outstanding local speakers on issues of current relevance to your role as an IT Sourcing and Vendor Management leader.
  • Share and receive feedback on critical strategic commercial issues facing your IT Department.
  • Each THINK! RoundTable™ has a maximum of 12 member. The membership period is 12 months from the date of joining and covers all IT, Sourcing and Vendor Management employees within your organisation.
  • Annual membership fee is payable up front. Fees for 2016 is $3,600 ex GST. Participants are expected to cover the cost of their hotel and travel if arriving from interstate.

Call BTM GROUP today discuss your membership eligibility, requirements and information on 03 9653 9600.

The THINK! RoundTable™ is 100% supported by membership dues and does not seek or receive funding or sponsorship from any third party vendors or organisations.