THINK! ICT Retreat™


THINK! ICT Retreat™ program brings to the Australian IT Industry the first dedicated environment for young IT professionals. Have you ever thought that you may have made the wrong choice in studying IT? Disillusioned by your first job and/or the IT industry? Self doubt creeping into daily life?

This Retreat is specifically designed for the IT professionals who have approximately 5 years IT experience since graduation. The retreat brings a unique 2 day format in a relaxing Australian location away from the corporate scene where we draw on the THINK! ICT MasterClass™ Personal and leadership activities to best empower you to succeed in your chosen IT stream or to realign an IT career which best suits your core personality strengths and most of all the reason WHY you chose the IT industry as your profession.

Extended Disc Profiling – A major part of your success in life, relationships and career comes from your ability to effectively understand another person’s view of the world.  And then enter it.  To appreciate how they see the world and see you.  It underpins why we get along with some people and not with others.  When they can answer the question “Do you care about me – as a person?” with “Yes”, you’ve got the key.

With a firm understanding of your energy type – and how you are adapting to your environment – you’ll be armed with an incredible advantage. You will be able to not only decode yourself but also anyone around you.  With that insight, you can communicate in a ‘language’ that they will understand and have insight into why you do the things that you do.  And why they do the things that they do.  You can then adjust your behaviour to create incredible breakthroughs.

EDISC is based on the 1921 work of Carl Jung who (as described in Wikipedia) was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology.  Jung proposed and developed the concepts of extraversion and introversion; archetypes, and the collective unconscious. EDISC itself has been around for 20 years.

As part of the THINK! ICT Retreat™ program, you will undertake an Extended DISC Profile exercise which includes;

  • 30 minute pre-profile interview with your qualified Extended DISC Profiler
  • Access to your Online Profile Assessment (It only takes 5 minutes)
  • 90 minute unpack with your qualified Extended DISC Profiler
  • A 30+ page report of your in-depth DISC Profile emailed to you

Through the THINK! ICT Retreat™ members have access to Agostino Carrideo, Founder and CEO of BTM Group who is a #1 Amazon Best Seller Author in Vendor Management (August 2015), Board Member of the Australian Computer Society (Victoria), Australian Computer Society Mentor (Victoria), industry leading-edge thought leadership and mentors, a ready supply of valuable expertise through exclusive market intelligence, as well as networking and professional development opportunities for participants.

Participants of the retreat will further receive as part of the THINK! ICT Retreat™ 6 months of mentoring commencing the first day after the retreat to ensure the lessons learnt are effectively implemented.

The first THINK! ICT Retreat™ will be announced in early 2016. Interested? Call us on 9653 9600 to discuss the exciting retreat further.