Introducing Vendor Management Mentoring

I have had a number of conversations with business owners and executives on the strategies I shared in my #1 Amazon Best Seller book – VENDOR MANAGEMENT – An insiders strategies to win and create long lasting change.

What was the common outcome of these discussions? they mostly wanted to know where to start in their own businesses to help them manage their vendors in the Digital Culture emerging in their business. 

So in the true spirit of my book, I am introducing my VENDOR MANAGEMENT MENTORING program

This highly interactive, MENTORING PROGRAM is designed to provide strategies to improve your vendor management capability. This unique program embeds expert advice to lift vendor management maturity across your business. This is not traditional consulting, my mission is for you to learn how to manage vendors on a daily basis where it also shifts your business culture to being more collaborative. The end game, your vendors become your raving fans. The outcome, less stress, better vendor performance and bottom line benefits.


  • Learn the key vendor management steps in order to manage vendors effectively
  • Discover the contract information needed to track and manage vendors
  • Understand how to take back control with vendor governance
  • Uncover how to build long term relationships with your vendors
  • Gain clarity on various tasks and roles to reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Learn a systematic way of assessing vendor risks


This mentoring program is designed for people from operations, IT, finance, marketing, sales, customer service, engineering and manufacturing departments within organisations.

Key learnings include strategies that are easily implemented into your organisation that allows improvements across the management of your vendors.

This program will look at building solid mutually beneficial commercial relationships with greater ROI on your IT investment.


Vendor management is a discipline that enables organisations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the engagement life cycle.

As 3rd party vendor dependencies increase in use and complexity, vendor management is receiving more attention as a way for organisations to achieve a competitive advantage and make their outsourcing relationships part of their long-term success plan.

Many organisations still lack the know how in their business units how to successfully implement these day to day practices.

In this program you will learn the various roles and responsibilities, strategies to categorise and monitor vendors, and the cost benefits of implementing vendor management in their organisation.

So in closing, Is your business experiencing these common challenging issues:

  • Are your vendor costs escalating?
  • Are you unclear of who your vendors are and what they are providing?
  • Are you experiencing poor vendor performance?

If you said Yes to the above, then its time to gain control back, how can you not? Just call me and lets get started.

Warm regards 

Agostino Carrideo

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