Dial Up The Joy in Your Business


Dream Big.Be Grateful.Give Love.Laugh LotsDial Up The Joy.-6Creating a sustainable and successful workplace is a challenge that every business must deal with. Knowing what culture you want for your workplace is a good place to start.

“Our definition of joy means we must be able to scale our business with grace, ease, and purpose” – Agostino Carrideo

Joy isn’t the first word that comes to mind when contemplating business success. Take these tips and help your workplace become more energetic and passionate using the Joy.

  1. Dream and believe in joy. Set your intention to foster and empower your company and workplace that you want to work for. If you don’t pre mediate and try to build a joyful company, you’ll never achieve one by accident.
  2. Build a community you can feel. Good attitudes spread. A contagious joyful attitude can spread from your employees, to your clients, and to the community. A rising joy is contagious!
  3. Foster communication by example. An open work environment creates natural opportunities for conversation and growth.
  4. Use storytelling. Engage your clients and visitors with stories of your company and your team. “If you can get the outside world to start raving about your company’s stories, you will reinforce your business mission every day, simple.”
  5. Knowledge must be not locked in any one person. As a business leader, its imperative no one person should be so integral to your organisation that they can’t go on a holiday or has to be on-call when their on holidays.
  6. Design your Culture for living. “Whatever you do for a living, culture design plays a significant role in empowering your employees and business partners.” If done correctly, you design will “brand” your companies story and should help create the joyful user experience for your brand.
  7. Everyday find and kill fear in your business. “We all know that Fear is the single most killer of joy,”  and it holds your team back from making bold decisions everyday! Lead by example and take Fear head on. It’s just a fact of life. It’s not ever going away. Take action despite it!
  8. Make mistakes faster.  “Small, fast mistakes are preferable to big, slow, deadly mistakes.” Empower a culture where employees feel safe to fail and succeed to survive and thrive. A small, fast mistake means you’re learning.

How can you look at your work culture and build some joy into it? Every business culture has the opportunity for improvement.  Bringing joy into your business is exactly what you need.