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Emerging Vendor Risks Affecting SME Business

We all read the ever increasing rise of third party data breaches, and these large multinational companies provide products and services everyday to small and medium sized businesses in Australia. The SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) business demographic find themselves compelled to outsource many key business functions and associated data. I hear conversations debating the...
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BTM GROUP RoundTable™ Program announced for 2016

Grounded in the principle that collaboration solves problems. Today’s CIOs, IT Sourcing and Vendor Managers must be able to transition their roles from that of senior technology manager to strategic business resource for their companies. This forum will give you the tools to make that transition. Membership in the Roundtable delivers an ongoing series of business...
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BTM GROUP Retreat™ program in 2016 for Young IT Professionals

BTM GROUP Retreat™ program brings to the Australian IT Industry the first dedicated environment for young IT professionals. Have you ever thought that you may have made the wrong choice in studying IT? Disillusioned by your first job and/or the IT industry? Self doubt creeping into your daily mindset. This Retreat is specifically designed for...
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