BTM GROUP launches “On Demand” Assurance Reporting Services

Have you been tasked with finding a vendor risk management option that doesn’t involve a capital expense or a software implementation? BTM GROUP understands that “On Demand” service would best support Procurement RFx activities or annual audits to meet security and/or regulatory compliance.

We now offer our best practice BTM GROUP Vendor Risk Management platform with an On-Demand, outsourced assurance reporting service that your organisation may prefer.


BTM GROUP On Demand™ includes all of the features, including risk scoring, updated assessments, and quick turnover, that have made BTM GROUP a leader in Vendor Risk Management services.

BTM GROUP does all the work for you. Engage us and we take care of the rest. The process is similar to, and as easy as, ordering a credit report: You tell us what vendor/s to assess, and we provide detailed and expedient (often within two weeks) results in PDF format that you can apply to your vendor risk management analysis and decisions. It’s that simple.

In this age of increased outsourcing and heightened third-party risk, effective vendor risk management is a necessity, not a luxury.

BTM GROUP On Demand™ allows you to:

  • Perform due diligence on key vendors.
  • Perform spot risk checks on key vendors.
  • Perform performance reviews on key vendors.
  • Play catch-up—if your own assessment program is overwhelmed, BTM GROUP can undertake the assurance screenings you don’t have time for.
  • Screen vendors soon after a request for proposal (RFP) has been approved.

With no contractual obligations to buy more assurance services than you require, BTM GROUP offers standard, control risk-gauging vendor assessments (including the recently updated PCI-DSS 3.0 and ISO 27001 IT Security Standard) when you need them.

In what ways have you and your staff dealt with a small vendor risk management budget? Take the next step. Get a no obligation quote. Call us on 03 9653 9600

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