About Us

Welcome to BTM GROUP. An Australian company specialising in mentoring, advisory and events for professionals in all life stages.

BTM GROUP was founded in 1999 by the chief executive officer,  Agostino Carrideo, an experienced Vendor Management Thought Leader, Mentor, #1 Amazon Best Seller Author, Motivational Speaker and is passionate in empowering organisational cultures for Strategic Collaborative Relationships.

As thought leaders in our practice industries, we work to forge through mutual trust, strategic collaborative relationships, highly focused on congruent outcomes across our distinct business services.

  • MENTORING AND DEVELOPMENT brings to the Australian IT Industry the first dedicated mentoring programs for the ICT Industry to share their experiences and insights around digital disruption, its affect on vendor management and general life and career mentoring. These programs seek to motivate collaborative relationships. Ultimately, these best practices will achieve greater commercial success for organisations. Furthermore, our retreat program is tailored for IT Professionals to gain important career and life mentoring with a focus on expert skills to meet the emerging business requirements of the digital evolution.
    1. Discover Your Why
    2. THINK! Mentoring
    3. THINK! Motivation™
    4. THINK! Digital Culture™
    5. THINK! RoundTable™
    6. THINK! ICT Retreat™

Our Thought Leaders

  • Agostino Carrideo

    BTM GROUP was founded in 1999 by the Chief Executive Officer, Agostino Carrideo, an #1 Amazon Best Seller Author, Mentor,...

  • Geena Di Stefano

    Want to really feel more confident, happy and empowered? Invest in yourself!...

  • Jakub Wolanski

    As an Amazon Best Selling Author on Organisational Culture, I only work with organisations that get their team members are...

  • Dave Thompson

    The Next Generation, All-Australian Thought Leader on Peak Potential. In 2011, Dave created #1 iTunes podcast hit show “The Living...

Our Vision

To help clients and people excel at actualising their life and effecting strategic collaboration

We’ll take the extra step for each other. We’ll talk straight. We’ll share the rewards of our growth, and reward our people more generously than similar companies.

We’ll create a place to work that shows how much we care. We will achieve our goal: our recognition as the benchmark in our industry.

Our Values

High Ethical Standards

A business of high principle generates greater drive and effectiveness because people know that they can do the right thing decisively and with confidence.

Better Decisions.

When facts are overlooked, ignored, or undervalued, they have a way of inexorably reasserting themselves. By keeping minds open and alert, a factual atmosphere stimulates better thinking and thus causes a cumulative buildup in better decision making.

Higher Morale

A business of high principle attracts high-caliber people more easily, thereby gaining a basic competitive and profit edge. A high-caliber person favors the business of principle and avoids the employer whose practices are questionable.