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This book written by an industry insider looks at vendor management from many perspectives including the culture of the company. It provides step by step points of how to become world leading in vendor management.

It acknowledges the challenges.

If you’ve said any of the following, then this book is for you:

“We have hundreds of vendors — this will take forever!”
“I have no idea who our vendors are or what they’re providing”
“My current process is too manual & time-consuming”
“Excel can no longer handle our needs”
“We need executive summaries to share with management & auditors”
“We need documentation on all our vendors and contracts”
“We lack a systematic way of assessing vendor risk”
“We don’t have a formal vendor review process”
“It’s a nightmare!”

If you’ve been saying any of these, then you are yet to find the missing link…

It’s Culture.

Great cultures empowers great vendor management.

Read this book to find out how.

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Paperback $24.95 or Hardback $34.95


A long life dream to write a book on vendor management and my key strategy that great culture empowers great vendor management. My book was launched on Amazon and iBooks in August 2015, and in the first 48 hours I had Amazon purchases in USA, UK, Italy, France, Holland, Norway, India and Australia, and I hit my goal and scooped the pool with ‪#‎1s‬ in the below Amazon Best Seller categories;
– Purchasing & Buying
– Industries & Professions
– Management & Leadership
– Management
And in Business & Investing overall!!
And my book at launch hit the #1 non fiction book on Amazon!
And.. a Top 25 Amazon author!! Currently when this book was launched in August 2015, the book has hit #23 overall out of 5 million kindle books!


Agostino Carrideo

Founder and CEO – BTM Group

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