Empower Digital Culture

Our methodologies are based on bringing about a Culture that can do exactly this… move beyond Digital Culture shock and create a corporate culture that uses technology to empower people to disrupt business models. Call us to find out how our Programs can empower your Digital Culture on 03 9653 9600

Increase Vendor Performance

Identify Vendors that are Performing Poorly or Below Expectations, Spot trends — has a Vendor’s Performance gotten Worse over Time?, Address problems with the Vendors early in the process, Be Better Prepared at Contract Renewal Time. Call us to find out How We Mentor your team and vendors to Increase Vendor Performance Now on 03 9653 9600


You do have a WHY. Do you know what is? Can you put your WHY into clear and succinct words? Call us to find out how to enrol in the DISCOVER YOUR WHY COURSE now on 03 9653 9600


We are Passionate Mentoring Experts Empowering Professionals. We provide Mentoring, Advisory and Events for professionals in all life stages.

Why us? our Founder and CEO, Agostino Carrideo, is a passionate Mentor + Motivational Speaker + #1 Amazon Best Seller Author in Vendor Management (August 2015) + Branch Executive and Mentor for the Australian Computer Society.

BTM Group is a Melbourne premier business B3000+ Award Finalist (November 2015) sponsored by City of Melbourne.

Discover Your Why Program

The Discover Your Why program with Simon Sinek

I personally applied Simon’s Sinek's discovery to my own life.

My Why is to motivate people to dream, explore and discover so that they can do extraordinary things they never imagined possible.

We are excited to partner with Simon to facilitate the Why Discovery Program - Agostino Carrideo.

Facilitated in workshops held in Melbourne. This interactive, online, video-led course by Simon Sinek guides you step-by-step through his Why Discovery process.

You do have a WHY. Do you know what is? Can you put your WHY into clear and succinct words?

You have a unique gift. When your gift is discovered, you begin to understand how this gift impacts others … for good … for service. And when you do, you now can live into a world where you are genuinely and authentically fulfilled by the things that you do.

The WHY discovery process will uncover a profound truth to you. Your purpose … your WHY, involves other people.




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